Born in 1978, Peter started racing at the age of 15 and excelled from the beginning. Landing a spot on the provincial team, Peter was Alberta's top finisher in Whistler Canada Cup back in 1995. Crazy technical skills and a high pain threshold are the two factors that make it hard to hold on to Peter's back wheel.

Marc Vasily 

The Team

Jamie Miceli

Born in 1979, Cam started biking the riverbanks of Saskatoon, SK as a youngster and began triathlon & MTB racing at age 11 in 1990.  Owes his passion of cycling to his dad for betting him no watching TV for a year and then purchasing his first real race bike GT Tundra Tempest. A few small breaks from MTB racing here and there but have always been and will continue to be a big part of his life and spending habits. Role models growing up included Tinker Juarez, John Tomac, & Missy Giove.Now just trying to be a fast dad, enjoy getting out and cycling/racing with daughter-Milah, wife-Lyndsay & teammates.    

​Past National Team Member Olympic Distance Triathlon & Xterra Triathlon1995 World Triathlon Championships Cancun, Mexico 15th1995-2003 MTB, Road, Triathlon, running, swimming races living in Saskatchewan2012 Xterra Triathlon Worlds Qualifier2013 Xterra Triathlon Worlds Qualifier2012 & 2013 Elkwater Mile High Off road Triathlon Overall Winner2014 24 HOA Team Onyerleft Champions


         The team was started in 2011 by the Amberiadis brothers and has since grown year by year. The main focus of the team is primarily the Alberta XC Cup series although not exclusivly. Many of our team mates also focus on Xterra, marathons, cyclocross, track and even the odd road race. Everyone on the team is competative by nature and we all boast different skillset attributes. We all agree that racing mountain bikes has more factors than just an individuals watts per kg, it's all a game of getting from A to B in the most efficient way possible.

I joined the Onyerleft Team just recently in April 2016.  I was looking for new motivation to get faster and was contemplating joining a club when I stumbled upon this team with a really cool name and simple guiding principles.  On a recent road ride I met up with a rider that asked me “what are you training for”.  I wasn’t sure what to say – does there have to be a reason, so I responded “for life”.  Although, come to think of it, saying “onyerleft” to someone half my age still puts a smile on my face.  

Dean Senkiw

Dean has been cycling for a few years now, mainly downhill and free ride.  He soon realized that riding for a cup of coffee with a downhill bike wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  So with some equipment changes and the addition of lycra he started MTB marathon racing in 2010 and was hooked. At most races you will see his two children and wife supporting him, the "best Pit crew ever" as Dean will tell you.  

​ 2013 Grizzly Mountain bike 50 km marathon top ten in age category2013 Giver 8 top ten finish overall. 2014 Rundle's Revenge 100 km third open men (top ten overall) 2012 and 2013 Elkwater Mile High off road triathlon mixed team overall winners 
Born 1973, Tom started mountain bike racing at the age of 18. He's competitively raced XC mountain bikes as well as road and track over the past 20 years, at the National and Provincial Elite level.  My goal for the 2016 season is to ride as much as possible, while still having time for my 4 kids and wife.

Cam McCarty

Eric Peace​

Sam Amberiadis

Born in 1976. After many years of playing basketball up to the provincial/university level. Jamie traded in his ball and shoes for a mountain bike in 2003. He started getting way more serious and racing competitively in 2015 focusing more on the mountain bike marathon scene.
You will find his wife Jana (who also is Jamie’s pit manager for 24hr solo races) and 2 boys at races cheering on the team. 

BCBR Top 200/600
Rundles Revenge 100km 1st +40
24hrsofAdrenalin Solo 2nd +40
Fluffy Bunny XCO 1st Cit Men
Coulee Cruiser 10th Sport
Mountain Maiden 6th Sport
Giver6er 9th +40/Top 10 overall
Golden 24 8Hr (Team) 8th
Rundles Revenge 75km 2nd+40/T10OA
24hrsofAdrenalin Solo 1st +40/2ndOA Battlecreek ShowD Solo 6th
Grizzly 50 5th +40/12thOA

John Macphee

James Northwood

Tom Amberiadis

​Born in 1986, James began mountain biking in Ontario during high school. Developing skills on Niagara escarpment singletrack enabled James to join the Golden Gaels mountain bike team at Queen's University After becoming the category points leader in the university cup race series during his first year; James was hooked on racing. In effort to expand on university cup race experience, James joined a team competing in the Summer Solstice and the Hot August Nights 24 hour races. After graduating university James moved west to seek out bigger mountains and more challenging races such as the BC Bike Race and Transrockies.

​Highlight race results include:1st place in the 24 Hours of Adrenalin (2014 - corporate)10th place in the Organ Grinder (2014 - open men)1st place in the 24 Hours of Adrenalin (2013 - 5 person)6th place in the Bow 80 (2012 - Men 21 to 30)1st place in the 24 Hours of Adrenalin (2012 - 5 person)6th place in the Bow 80 (2011 - Men 21 to 30)10th place in the Transrockies TR7 (2011 - open men)2nd place in the 24 Hours of Adrenalin (2010 - 4 person)

Born in 1985, Eric started riding mountain bikes growing up as a kid  in the hood of Sarnia Ontario. Gaining 0m elevation on his rides, he later found himself in Alberta for work, trading in his Canadian Tire Tech Team for a 35 lb Trek Fuel. In 2015, Eric made the full transition to mountain bike racing with another bike upgrade, trading in surf trunks and tank tops for spandex and joining Onyerleft. Highlights include:

* 2014, 2015 24 HOA – 1st 5 person coed and 10 man corporate
* 2015, 2016 Rundles Revenge - 1st Half Donkey
* 2015, 2016 Red Deer Duathlon – 1st, 3rd  
* 2011 RTR 16 hour Adventure Race - 1st Solo

Sebastien Fallu

Born in 1975, Sam started racing mountain bikes back in 1992 for 3 years as a junior and then back at the sport seriously by 2008. Competitive drive has subsided for Sam and now focus is simply riding to work and enjoying weekend fun on West Bragg's trail network. A strong believer the quote "nobody has the right to shame anyone for riding a bike in muddy conditions". The truth is riding your bike in the mud will wreck your bike... not the trails. 

-2012-13 Alberta Provincial Elite Mens XC MTB Champion

24 Hours of Adrenalin Yellow Jersey

David Anderson

​Bill Nooyen

Peter Amberiadis

XC Mountain Bike Team 

New to the MTB race scene completing his third season racing with Onyerleft. Residing in beautiful Redwood Meadows Marc competes in the expert category in the ABA XC Cup, non sanctioned ABA events: finished 2nd place under 30 in the Test of Metal, 1st place overall 24 Hours of adrenalin, top 10 - Salty dog, top 10 - Giver 8 and in 2015 will be competing in the Transrockies Single Track 6. 

Eric Walker ​

Trevor Williams

10 years ago, Trevor came to a cross roads, keep getting fatter or get a bike, thank goodness the bike won out.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s on the road or on the trail biking is his passion. His wife affectionately refers to his bikes as his “Bitches”, spending way too much time and money keeping them happy!  Over the course of the last several years Trevor has gravitated towards Mountain bike racing having completed in many single and multi-day events.

2008 Trans Rockies – Team 80+ top 102010 BC Bike Race – Team 80+, 7th place2012 BC Bike Race – Team 80+, 4th place2013 24hrs of Adrenaline, 4 man team, 4th Place2014 24hrs of Adrenaline, 4 man team, 3rd place2015 BC Bike Race – Team 100+ - we’ll have to wait and see!